UPSC-2017 Prelims Paper -Was it tough or unpredictable?

10 Aug

I read lots of complaint of candidates of UPSC exam. They were complaining about pattern of UPSC Prelims question paper of 2017. But, was this paper really tough.

What I feel, we should call it ‘unpredictable’ rather ‘tough’. UPSC exam is an exam to select top most civil servants, in such case, toughness is obvious feature of UPSC Exam.

Yes, it can be called unpredictable as candidates make one mind frame after seeing last few years papers.Only few questions can surprise candidates not hundred percent of the people. Because UPSC prelims offers a level playing field for everyone. If UPSC candidate is fully updated with the current affairs and has revised the static portion thoroughly, he will clear the prelims for sure, no matter from which source he has studied.

If you are preparing for Prelims-2018, and after going through this prelims paper of UPSC exam of 2017  , donot do it. Upsc always gives such surprises and is known for surprises in paper and any change based on this year paper for the next year paper is useless, as the answer to it is best known to no one else, other than the UPSC itself.

Just keep your strategy intact to revise everything, be it the current affairs or the core subjects.

This year few questions were asked from NDA government policies which are in implementation. Such as-Vidyanjali Yojana ,National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF), Digital India, GST, Benami Transactions,  ‘Smart India Hackathon’ etc. If candidates would have read about them on regular basis through any one national level newspaper,would that be difficult ? No, candidates who were dependant on more static GK are surprised. This surprise can be named as ‘unpredictability’ not  as ‘toughness’.

Use combination of various resources for regular updates related to current affairs such as PIB, News-Paper, Mobile App etc.

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